Community Welfare
Noor Foundation introduces and implements various innovative programmes for rural development, poverty elimination, relief and rehabilitation, in the areas of education, health, family planning, social welfare, women’s education and development, etc.

It also establishes, maintains as well as provides aid to child welfare centres, Maternity homes, widow-ashrams, orphanage and other institutions and for the relief of poor and marginalized sections of society.

The Foundation offers support and relief to widows, poor and needy, sick, invalid and handicapped children, men and women, and grant-in-aid to the institutions looking after such persons.

It offers support in running of Langars, Bhandaras, etc.
It arranges and provides funds for marriages of the deserving poor and needy people without any reference to race, religion and caste and creed.

It grants donation, promotes, manages and administrate Shrines and organises their activities. However, the Foundation does not undertake any religious activities.

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