Education and Training
Noor Foundation imparts education in the field of development of children, student and people of all ages on regular and correspondence basis. It develops infrastructure as well as varied mechanisms to provide training, coaching and research facilities in order to support education, health, and spiritual care process.

Its objective is to disseminate and / or promote education or training for overall development of children, students and person of all ages in its various branches such as:

Awarding scholarships in cash or kind or giving loans to poor, desirous of receiving primary, secondary or higher education.

Establishment and / or acquisition and maintenance or support of Schools, Colleges, Vidyapeeths, Madarsa, Bal Mandir Study Centers, Universities and other Institutions for imparting education and training to children, Students and person of all ages after selecting persons from the competent authority.

Establishment and maintenance of, providing and support to, Hostels and/or Boarding Houses; and grant of free boarding and lodging to poor and deserving students, person of all ages

Establishment of and providing support to Professorships, Fellowships, Lectureship, Scholarships and prizes at Schools, Colleges and other educational Institutions; related to education, health and spiritual care and solutions;

Grant of endowments to Universities, Research Institutions and other Educational and Scientific Institutions for spread of education and knowledge about health, welfare and spiritual care in all or any branch of its knowledge;

Awarding scholarships and fellowships for the purpose of undertaking, and encouraging higher education and research work in any branch of engineering, technology, electric therapy, radiology and bacteriology, medical science or any other branch or branches of modern applied social sciences in its widest and more comprehensive sense;

Noor Foundation facilitates various educational programmes in schools, colleges and education centers and is affiliated with various Universities, State Governments, Central Government and International Authorities, etc.

The foundation establishes, maintains, and builds colleges, hostels, libraries, archives, reading rooms, placement bureaus, yoga and meditation centers, Saraswati Mandirs, museums, exhibition halls, conference rooms, theaters, canteens and research centers for students and people of all ages.

The Foundation conducts short, intermediate and long term research, educational and training courses; it organizes regional and national debates, seminars, workshops, study circles, etc.

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