In the area of healthcare, Noor Foundation affords medical relief to children, students and person of all ages through the following means:

Setting up of hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and spiritual clinics, yoga centers,

Setting up of other medical institutions and running them and granting of subscriptions or donations to Hospitals, Dispensaries Convalescent homes, Asylums, Nursing Homes, Medical Colleges. Universities and other Public Institutions for administering medical relief to the needy.

Providing endowments help and support to Hospitals, Dispensaries Maternity Homes, and sanatoriums.

Grant of medical help to the poor and deserving persons during epidemics, famines, floods, earthquakes, or other unforeseen calamities or war or warlike operations.

Providing medical services through conventional and non-conventional medical streams like allopathy, homeopathy, unani, naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure alternative therapy etc.

It undertakes family planning and welfare activities while maintaining and providing support for clinics, hospitals, and community based programmes for the care of mother and children.

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